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Some people keep the mulch from their tree work to use on their gardens. If we have been paid to do a customer’s tree work, we believe the mulch should be theirs for free. Amazingly, some tree companies charge the customer for keeping their own mulch! We also have a register of people who want to buy mulch from us when we have some, as it’s much cheaper than from a landscape supplier. We have 5 mulchers (also known as woodchippers). These machines can mulch timber up to 20 inches wide.

Tree Removal

We specialise in the safe removal of trees. We do anything from large scale tree removal to palm trees and shrubs. We can remove any type or size of tree anywhere such as dangerous or difficult trees, trees in confined spaces, trees over buildings and pools, trees on roadsides or public spaces. We are fully conversant and compliant with local Government regulations concerning protected trees, habitat trees, landmark trees and heritage trees and can help with Council permit applications to work on protected vegetation.

Storm Damage

24hr Emergency Response. Arbor Innovations provide 24hr Emergency Response Service 7 days a week for storm damage. Emergency Contact Number AH: 07 3204 4719 (24 hours). Insurance Work. We have done more than 2,000 emergency callouts for insurance companies to clear fallen trees and branches. We can advise you how to make an insurance claim. Association Membership. Member of Tree Contractors Association of Australia Inc (TCAA) – (Australia’s largest network of qualified contractors)

Pruning and Reduction

ALWAYS USE AN ARBORIST. If you love your trees, insist on a professional Arborist company. Trees are a valuable asset. They look good, give shade and provide habitat for wildlife.
PROPER PRUNING IS GOOD FOR TREES. Proper pruning promotes sustainable, healthy and attractive vegetation. We never recommend that you should remove your tree if it only needs pruning – we can advise you.We proudly support local Government tree preservation initiatives.
If you are worried about branches falling during storms, it is possible you only need to remove some branches and dead wood to make the tree safe.
For more information about the incorrect practice of lopping, refer Australian Standard AS4373-2007 on Pruning of Amenity Trees.
NEVER USE A TREE LOPPER.Under all circumstances, a tree should NEVER be lopped or topped - this can disfigure and sometimes kill trees, and create dangerous and unstable regrowth.

Government Work

Arbor Innovations is a panel contractor and preferred supplier for many State & Local Government bodies and organizations.
Contractors Must Comply. Government tenders and tendering processes are now far more rigorous in seeking out contractors who comply in the areas of quality, health and safety and the environment.
Quality Assured Supplier. Arbor Innovations is listed in the QBuild Queensland Government Register of Quality Assured Suppliers (Supplier Code No 832345). Our OH&S and environmental policies comply with ISO 9001: 2008
Our Government work includes: ✔Tree removal or tree trimming and reduction of street trees and trees in public areas (such as a parks, schools, hospitals and cemeteries). ✔Hazard Assessments and Arborist Reports ✔Tree clearing for road construction and widening. ✔Removal of declared pest vegetation around waterways and rivers ✔Trimming near overhead powerlines.

Safety, Training & Equipment

PEOPLE BEFORE PROFIT. This is the informal mission statement at Arbor Innovations. We believe a safe and harmonious workforce results in quality work and happy customers.
SAFETY RECORD. Arbor Innovations has not had a single occupational health & safety breach, reportable incident, or major injury in its 10 years of operation. This has been a team effort.
LOOKING AFTER EACH OTHER. Safety comes from consistent training for our staff, regular toolbox meetings and safety audits, and the best quality equipment and vehicles.
Our philosophy about safety boils down to four things ✔ Good communication
✔ Regular training
✔ Strict safety procedures
✔ Quality equipment that is property maintained
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Over 20 years of experience

70% of our business is by referral. Customers include domestic clients, builders and developers, Government bodies, insurance companies, real estate agents and commercial organisations. We are fully conversant and compliant with local Government regulations concerning protected or landmark trees.


We have Expert's and Guaranteed Work.

We can take care of any tree problems you have, large or small. We do tree removal, tree pruning and reduction, stump grinding and much more. We have a reputation for quality, safety and reliability. We’re fully insured, and our teams are all qualified.


Get Ready for Storms

Do you have trees that are in danger of blowing over in a storm this summer? Call us now and find out how to manage the risk. There are a range of measures you can take to care for your trees before and after a storm.